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 ADrenoChrome | REHAB 

Let"s suppose that I urgently need to get vitamin D3.

I need this vitamin to survive. Without it, I feel bad.

It  synthesized in humans in the skin under the influence of ultraviolet rays, but I hate the sun.


How can I get vitamin D3?


I have three options:


  1. Buy synthetic vitamin in the pharmacy;


  • takes a little time.


  • my body gets used to getting the substance outside and stops the natural synthesis of its own vitamin D3.

  • I'm getting addicted

  1. Go to the solarium;


- takes a little time.

- my body is naturally synthesing D3.


- dry skin with improper care.

3. Go / fly "sunbathe" to the beach;


- my body naturally synthesizes D3.

- I can take new Instagram photos.


- takes more time / money / mental resources.

- there's a chance to use up the reserve D3 before returning.

- too much effort to achieve a result.


The chemical addiction from adrenochrome obtained from the outside deprives me of "free will." I become dependent on the supplier. It controls my whole life. This is what you want? Is that what you dreamed about?

And it's not about morality! We can do EVERYTHING!

But regardless of this humanic shit!


Rehab from adrenochrome is not about socialization.

It is about accepting your nature and independence. Total independence.

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